Paul Gentile and Lee Siegel of Soldering Sunday have developed a fun way to take the pyrotechnics out of fireworks using LEDs and homemade air rockets. An unplanned side project from this effort was the LED CHUTIE.

We had the formula for our first LED Firework, a soda-bottle water powered rocket loaded with LED parachutes. Then something happened – it rained. We were stuck indoors and we needed to test some new parachute designs. At that moment we realized that at Maker Faire we would be indoors as well. Even if we were outdoors, launching LEDs in the day would not be that spectacular. On a lark we tossed one of the LED chutes over a fan in my living room. We watched as the LED chute flipped around then shot up, hit the ceiling, came down, and then went back up again. We found ourselves playing with the LED over fan for the next half hour.

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