Check out my project, a clock case that I built in the style of a Georgian bracket clock… made from Popsicle sticks! It has a real spring wound antique movement that keeps time with a ticking pendulum and strikes the hour on a bell. The dial is a hand painted dial that I made, using acrylic paints on a piece of scrap sheet steel cut to shape and primed with Krylon flat white spray paint. A picture of my German Shepherd dog stands guard in the arch above the clock face while mirror images of my friend’s Siberian Husky puppy adorns the spandrel corners.

Several “hacks” were used in the making of this project and are all outlined in detail on my website. For example, decorative moldings are made from Popsicle sticks, and the front door has a real glass window made from a dollar store picture frame cut to size. The dial was done with the help of inkjet printouts, by transferring the ink from paper to the primed metal surface, and colored over with acrylic paints and/or inks.

Skill Level: Extremely Challenging
Time to Complete: 3 years, working weekends and holidays (or less, depending on your skill level)