I knew a lot of people that got excited when the original raspberry pi camera was announced, but quickly found themselves limited by the quality of the image. It can be really great to have that much control behind the sensor, but frustrating when your results are always a bit on the low quality side. Raspberry pi just announced a new high quality camera that will surely be a huge hit.

The new camera module boasts a 12.3 megapixel sensor and can fit off the shelf C and CS mounts. Retail price is $50 from Raspberry PI.


One of the cool things about this camera is that lens system. Being able to buy C and CS mount lenses is fantastic and with a little bit of adapter uses, you can use pretty much whatever you can get your hands on!

example from their blog post that seems to be somewhat in jest, but halfway serious.

Do not try this at home. Or do: fine either way.