As the process of re-opening offices and stores in local communities, makerspaces are beginning to re-open as well. This week’s Plan C Live program looks at the challenges and strategies for re-opening community makerspaces to members and the public. Certainly, new safety protocols are needed but is it also time to reconsider how and what a makerspace is?

Upcoming: June 18 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Join host Dorothy Jones-Davis and Mike Senese of Make: Community along with the following panelists.

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  • Nat Fairbanks – MakeItLabs, Nashua, NH
  • Nathan Pritchett – Tulsa Fab Lab, Tulsa OK
  • Grady Sain, Director and founder  – Positive Fields, Hogansville, GA  (A nonprofit arts and technology education center.)  Grady has 30+ years experience in film, VFX, software engineering, and product design.
  • James Henningson – Dallas Makerspace
  • Scott Van Campen – Makerspace NYC
  • Regina Sakols – Maker Nexus, Sunnyvale CA
  • Dave and Bec Dalton – KC Hammerspace

Previous broadcast

Date: June 16 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Join host Dorothy Jones-Davis and Dale Dougherty of Make: Community along with the following panelists.

The Panel

Artisan’s Asylum, Somerville, MA. Lars Torres, Executive Director

Open Works, Baltimore MD, April Lewis, Membership Director

Maker at Large, Dan Schneiderman, Rochester, New York.

Tech Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, NY. Cheryl Kennedy, Executive Director

Greensboro Forge, Greensboro, NC. Joe Rotondi, Executive Director

Ace Monster Toys, Berkeley, CA. Rachel “Crafty” Sadd, Executive Director

Seattle Makers, Seattle WA. Jeremy Hanson


  • How have the team leaders and the membership agreed on a plan to re-open?
  • Are there different plans for opening for members and the public?
  • What kind of staging or phases do you have?
  • How has the pandemic affected membership and will members return?
  • How does the pandemic changes how you think about the role of a makerspace in your community?