Join Dale Dougherty of Make: Community and Valeria Dammicco and Lucia Corsini, researchers at Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University to talk with some of the central activators, innovators, and organizers of the open source and maker response to COVID-19 in the UK and, as the pandemic evolves, discuss the future of these newly formed distributed manufacturing networks: What will come next? What do we still need to do and which gaps are to be still addressed in order to make these networks efficient for the near future?


The panel includes:

  • Ward Hills, Director of Cambridge Makespace – the community’s inventing shed in Cambridge which has been actively involved in producing PPE for the local NHS centre;
  • Adam Clarke, Marketing Director of 3Dcrowd UK – a coordinating platform for the production and distribution of PPE/Face shields to NHS workers;
  • Ashleigh Linsdell, Founder of For the Love of Scrubs – a nation wide volunteer sewing group that makes scrubs for the NHS;
  • Mike McEwan, board member of Shield Collaborative – a cooperative of thirteen initiatives for the production and distribution of PPE for health workers &
  • Kate Hammer, founder of CovSleeves, a project seeded within Shield Collaborative.