Sarah Boisvert on Workforce Training for Digital Fabrication Jobs

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In Make: magazine Volume 75, in the article “Fabricating the Future of Work,” Sarah Boisvert writes:

“Digital fabrication is preparing makers for engaging well-paying careers today and into tomorrow.”

In this episode, we talk with Sarah Boisvert, an entrepreneur with extensive work experience in manufacturing, laser technology in 3d printing. Her most recent focus has been workforce training. Digital fabrication technology is creating new manufacturing jobs that she calls “new collar jobs” which require digital and physical hands-on experience. In 2018, Sarah published “The New Collar Workforce: An Insider’s Guide to Making Impactful Changes to Manufacturing and Training.” She has been researching how technology is creating new jobs for the “Future Workforce Now,” a project led by the National Governors Association.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she runs a lab in association with local community college where she’s developed a certified program for 3D printing operators. In this conversation, we talk about digital badges for digital fabrication skills and how there should be better alternatives to college, how janitorial robots at WalMart need a human to take care of them, and how employers would like to find more people with problem solving skills, the number one skill they are asking for.

“Industries from agriculture to warehousing have undergone digital changes that offer big opportunities for anyone with digital fabrication skills.”