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How-To: Shrinky Dinks Gaming Minis


Even as we approach the cultural apocalypse of ubiquitous, fully immersive, photo-real multiplayer video game environments, there are still those...

Maker Revolution coverage


Moved to poetry by last weekend’s Maker Revolution, Jonathan penned this: Haiku on Maker Revolution: Seeing Legends Talk Sitting Round...

Stratasys at Make: Day


We’ve seen some awesome projects involving 3D printers over the last few years on the MAKE Blog. That same creativity...

Holiday Gift Guide: Robots!


In the last few years, the world of hobby robotics has exploded. Driven by the plummeting prices and ubiquity of...



How we built a 3D freeform sugar printer in our kitchen.

Finally, CNC toast!


You’ve wanted it for years and Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories brings CNC toast to the masses – A few weeks...

2161 - 2179 of 2179 results
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