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Green Laser!


I am testing out a GHL-100XX 160mW+ green laser from Laser power is measured in milliwatts, your standard red...

Recording vinyl to digital


Dan, our Associate Publisher here at Make Magazine says "I'm about to tackle my wife's vinyl LP collection. I just...

Skatebots hit the ice


Over the weekend the Discovery Channel had some footage from last year's SKATEBOT competition. The University of Calgary's SKATEBOT event...

Tablet PC Geiger counter


I have a Tablet PC for robot and "wearable" type projects. I'm working on an article for Make Issue 03...

Basic Stamp


Basic Stamp is a hobbyists microcontoller that uses the BASIC programming language. Here's a primer on how to use it....

Hacking the Dog


Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a cool robot? The world’s toy stores brim with...

6521 - 6527 of 6527 results
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